eramba planned Roadmap (site being updated)

This is the list of items we plan to work in the future, we typically take things from this list and put them on releases. if you dont see here something you would like to have in eramba please use the forum to make your wishes clear to us, we might be able to help. this is internal stuff we are just sharing..expect rude language, cursing, etc...! this page was last updated on 2020-04-05T00:01:00Z GMT (and we update this every hour or so). clicking on the issues wont get you anywhere as they belong to a private github account.

Stuff we are working for the next release (Release 2.16.0) due for (2020-04-17T07:00:00Z)

Completed stuff that is coming on the next releasee (Release 2.16.0)

Short term plans (next couple of months perhaps?)

Long term plans (next 12 months perhaps?)